Reviving the journey with Quran (Sisters’ course)

Learn the rules of tajweed in a small class setting with Ustadha Nabiha and start your journey of memorising the Quran in the style of the Prophet ﷺ. The aim for the course is to learn rules of tajweed and tips for memorisation and for everyone to learn atleast one new surah by the end of the course.

Bio of teacher

Ustadha Nabeeha completed Hifdh-ul-Quran at masjid al-Nabawi Medinah and finished with an Ijaazah (Hafs an Assem). She officially taught Quran in Masjid al Nabawi for almost 3 years alongside teaching UK students online.

Course details

🗓 Mondays, from 11am-12pm (starting 03 June 2024)
📍Greenbank Masjid
🚺For adult females 16+
📔All levels welcome

The cost of the course is £30, we do not want this to restrict anyone – please drop us a message ( or 07516373795) if you would like financial assistance with the registration fees.

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