Ramadhan 2023

Greenbank Masjid is pleased to announce that the 1st of Ramadhan 1444 (2023) will commence on Thursday 23 March 2023. The first Taraweeh prayers will begin on Wednesday evening 22 March 2023, Inshallah. May Allah enable us and the whole Ummah to benefit fully from this blessed month, Aameen!

The Ramadhan timetable can be downloaded from here

⏰ Esha jamaat will be at 8.30pm, taraweeh will follow shortly afterwards.

📢 There will be provision for both brothers’ and sisters’ taraweeh

📢 Arrive early to benefit from the pre-Taraweeh daily reminder by Sheikh Hamzah

📢 Please park sensibly, car-share where possible

Greenbank Masjid is participating in Plastic Free Ramadhan again this year, please support us by using refillable bottles instead of plastic bottles when attending Taraweeh. Water fountains have been installed on both the brothers’ and sisters’ sides.

Madrassah Ramadhan and Eid arrangements 2023

Madrassa times will change during Ramadhan as below:

Thu 23 March – Fri 24 March

▪️ Classes closed due to clash with Iftar timings

Mon 27 March – Fri 31 March

▪️ 1st Session 4:15 – 5:15

▪️ 2nd Session 5:25 – 6:25

Mon 3 April – Fri 21 April

▪️ Classes closed

Mon 24 April onwards

As per normal timings

▪️ 1st Session 4:40 – 5:55

▪️ 2nd Session 6:00 – 7:20

What’s on this week

Activities taking place this week at Greenbank Masjid

Please take part and encourage friends and family to attend with you.


Practical skills of Quran reflection for Sisters (Arabic only) 11 – 1pm

Marriage in Islam Course (Brothers) after Esha 8:15pm [Maulana Hamzah]


Making Salaah the coolness of our eyes – sisters only (by registration) 11 – 12pm

Tafsir of the Holy Quran in English (Brothers) after Esha 8:15pm [Maulana Hamzah]

Rest of week

Ramadhan programme – more detail to follow

Preparing for the greatest month – Ramadaan

Greenbank Masjid is delighted to host this workshop delivered by Maulana Hamzah. This workshop is for brothers and sisters and will emcompass:

⭐ Virtues of Ramadaan

⭐ How to connect with the Quran

⭐ Fiqh of fasting

⭐ Q&A

There will be 2 sessions with a break for Maghrib in-between.

📍 Greenbank Masjid, Castle Green Building, Greenbank Road, Bristol, BS5 6HE
🗓️ Saturday 18th March
⏰ After Asar Jammat (5 PM)

GBM Barakah Tots

Every Thursday 10 am to 12 pm

  • An inclusive mother and toddler playgroup
  • Refreshments available
  • £1 voluntary donations welcome

Greenbank Masjid, Greenbank Road, Bristol, BS5 6HE

Contact 07516 373795 to register or join the WhatsApp group

Welcome Ramadhan workshop

📌 QI Learning in cooperation with Greenbank Masjid is pleased to invite your children to…

Welcome Ramadan Workshop

A celebration workshop full of fun and interesting information

Topics include:

  • The Islamic hijri calendar & the important events /occasions of its months.
  • The value of Ramadan, its etiquette & virtues.
  • The true meaning of fasting, its rules and benefits
  • The virtues of laylatul alqadr & the recommended acts on the last 10 nights of Ramadan.
  • The meaning of Taqwa & how fasting taught us the fear of Allah (SWT).

💥In addition to many other information and facts, using crafts, hands on activities and games.

Age group:* 6-9 years old

Place: Greenbank Masjid, Greenbank Rd BS5 6HE

Dates & time: Saturday 11th March from [11-2 PM]

Enrolment fees: £15 /child

Booking link : https://quranideas.com/…/welcome-ramadan-workshop…/

Note – The price includes the workshop activities plus a wonderful & cheerful pack of : 🤩

  • Door hanger: “for prayer time and Suhur”
  • Bookmark for Quran.
  • Pin badge: “I ❤️ Ramadan”
  • Colourful Ramadan wall decoration.
  • Ramadan poster & stickers with many facts and information.

🌙Ramadan Mubarak🌙