Welcome Ramadhan workshop

📌 QI Learning in cooperation with Greenbank Masjid is pleased to invite your children to…

Welcome Ramadan Workshop

A celebration workshop full of fun and interesting information

Topics include:

  • The Islamic hijri calendar & the important events /occasions of its months.
  • The value of Ramadan, its etiquette & virtues.
  • The true meaning of fasting, its rules and benefits
  • The virtues of laylatul alqadr & the recommended acts on the last 10 nights of Ramadan.
  • The meaning of Taqwa & how fasting taught us the fear of Allah (SWT).

💥In addition to many other information and facts, using crafts, hands on activities and games.

Age group:* 6-9 years old

Place: Greenbank Masjid, Greenbank Rd BS5 6HE

Dates & time: Saturday 11th March from [11-2 PM]

Enrolment fees: £15 /child

Booking link : https://quranideas.com/…/welcome-ramadan-workshop…/

Note – The price includes the workshop activities plus a wonderful & cheerful pack of : 🤩

  • Door hanger: “for prayer time and Suhur”
  • Bookmark for Quran.
  • Pin badge: “I ❤️ Ramadan”
  • Colourful Ramadan wall decoration.
  • Ramadan poster & stickers with many facts and information.

🌙Ramadan Mubarak🌙