Making our Salaah the coolness of our eyes (sisters’ course)

The Prophet (SAW) said “ the coolness of my eyes is in prayer. ”


Would you like to attend a 5 week course that will improve the pronunciation of everything we recite in salah and attempt to understand and ponder over the words?

We are hoping this course will allow us to revive and regain closeness to our creator before the blessed month so we can maximise our rewards and start living and loving the prayer.

Zaid Ibne Khalid Al Juhani (R.A) narrates that Nabi (S.A.W) said : Anyone who performs Wudhu excellently and then offers two Rak’at Salaah in a way that he does not forget anything in it (with total concentration towards Allah the Almighty) then all his past sins are forgiven.

(Abu Dawud)

If you want to be amongst these people, this course is essential for you!

It will take place every Tuesday for 5 weeks starting from 28/02/23 – 28/03/23 from 11-12pm.

Fee – £20 (limited spaces available)

This course is open to dedicated and zealous sisters who wish to refine their recitation in Salaah.

Instructor – Ustaadha Umme Talha

Umme Talha: Studied Aalimiyah and secular studies at a home schooling project in Birmingham (Kingsheath) – Madresah Tayyibah under the guidance of local Ulema.

She has over 3 years teaching experience from local maktab (Birmingham) and home tuition (Birmingham and Bristol).

As well teaching online during the pandemic, Umme Talha currently teaches from home in Bristol.

For more info: Please contact Sheikh Hamzah (07552 363848)

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