Practical skills of Quran reflection (sisters)

✨ QI Learning in cooperation with Greenbank Masjid is pleased to announce free 6hrs course about the practical skills of Quran reflection for sisters only.

🌙 The course will generally cover the the following key points :

▪️The main topics of the Quran & how to identify the themes of each Surah.

▪️Recognizing particular topics throughout different surahs in order to make a purposeful Quran reciting “Khatma”

▪️The rules of Arabic literature and how it impacts the understanding of themes in the Qur’an and applying it in our lives.

▪️How the Prophet (SAW) interacted with the Qur’an and turned it into a lifestyle.

Dates and times
⏰ Free 6hrs course over 3 days:

  • Mon 6th March [11-1pm] .
    Mon13th March [11-1pm] .
    Mon 20th March [11-1pm] .

Note: The course will be delivered in Arabic.