Monday Learning (Brothers)

The Beloved Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him said,

Seeking knowledge is an obligation for every Muslim

A range of topics covered in a blessed and welcoming environment with Sheikh Hamzah with an opportunity to ask questions.


Every Monday after Esha

Current topic – Zakaat

Lessons on one the fundamentals of Islaam that every muslim should know.

Zakaah is a means of purifying oneself and ones wealth in a manner that promotes growth.

Learning Outcomes

• Learning the virtues of giving Zakaat and punishment for neglecting Zakaat
• On whom Zakaat is Fardh
• Upon which items of wealth is Zakaat Fardh
• Recipents of Zakaat
• Method of calculating Zakaat
• Debts and Zakaat
• Conditions for the validity of Zakaat