Let’s Learn About Prophet Isa (as) Workshop

Quran Ideas Learning is honoured to invite your child/ren to take part in

Let's Learn About
 Prophet Isa (as)

[At Greenbank Masjid, on Sunday 17th of December 2023]
[From 11am-2pm]

✨ What will the children learn at the workshop of prophet Isa (as) ? ✨

✒️ The story of the family of prophet Isa (as) and his miraculous birth.

✒️ The nativity details as mentioned in the Quran.

✒️Miracles given by Allah’s permission to Isa (as) and His messengers and the wisdom behind this.

✒️What should Muslims do in Christmas.

✒️ Many faith ideas including; the names and attributes of Allah, the belief in Allah’s prophets and books and many others..

🎨 How will children learn these facts? ✂️🧶

📌 By interactive learning where ideas and verses will be explained in a simple and smooth way. The children will then complete some interesting activities to tease their brains and ensures their interaction and their understanding.🧩✂️🎨📌

✨ The children will receive a special pack includes:

📚 A comprehensive, well illustrated and colourful booklet that includes the full story from the Quran & very interesting activities + Certificate of achievement.

🖼️ The story timeline A3 poster and sticker sheet.

🧩 The Miracles of the Prophets A5 jigsaw puzzle.

🎯 Reminder postcard.

👥 Age group : 6-9 years old.


💳 Price: £20
🕊️ 20% early bird discount available for booking before 10th December using [early20] code on checkout. 👍

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