Important Announcement – Greenbank Masjid, Bristol is now live with eMasjid Live!

Benefits of eMasjid Live:

  1. Excellent audio quality for broadcasts of the adhan, sermons and announcements!
  2. Listen live on-the-go from any device:
  3. Recordings readily available for programs conducted at the masjid:
  4. Receive live notifications via the free Android, Amazon Fire, or iPhone/iPad app.
  5. High-quality audio via a digital home receiver or use your Android device/Amazon Fire Tablet as a receiver (requires £20 autoplay license purchase). eMasjid Live contributes £5 to Greenbank Masjid for each receiver/license bought through: (No license needed for notifications/listening)

To get started:

  • Install the app and allow notifications (iPhone only)
  • Select “Greenbank Masjid, Bristol” from the channel list
  • Add it to your favorites by clicking the star
  • Enable notifications by clicking “Enable Notifications” on the player page